Steven is a United States Army Corps of Engineers Veteran with 12 years of experience in sales, domestic/international construction and electrical engineering, while simultaneously building multinational connections. While in service Steven partook in joint military operations both in the United States and South-East Asia. He is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record. His work ethic, flexibility, drive for success and magnetic personality make him a great fit for The Reaper team.

Reaper Voting March 2022

We start this round of reaping off with a new experience for the Reaper Army. As stated in prior recorded interviews, For every RPR token you hold, that vote will count towards the percentage of the RPR sale. The list of eligible tokens are as follows: Xrshib Equilibrium Xrplcoins Xqk Xrdoge Chorus Rdx Mwg Xfloki…

Reaper top twenty coins for March 2022

We have our 20 projects for the month of March! Xrshib Equilibrium Xrplcoins Xqk Xrdoge Chorus Rdx Mwg Xfloki Fse Banca Mln Xdx Calorie Treasury Loxnetwork Reaper 3dapes Xoge Xwsb Make sure to buy and hold your RPR token before the voting snapshot. Balances of RPR that change after voting will reflect that change.