Reaper Financial and RPR Token serve the digital ecosystem as a natural market regulation tool for a decentralized economy. By unleashing the natural aspect of death upon an artificially created universe we serve to preserve the value of every entity within. While digital economies are known for their volatility, The Reaper seeks to remove the excess and unvalued assets in order to prevent violent market swings. Reaper Financial accomplishes this mission through a decentralized voting mechanism in which the value of RPR is used to purchase and destroy the undervalued assets.

Because all assets destroyed are purchased at market value, no investors are damaged in the process of a Reaping; only those projects whose reputation and credibility warrants reaping are eligible as a means of protecting all parties involved. Reaper Financial is a responsible partner of the community of which we are a part and will at no time take action that is not for the betterment of the community at large. As members of the XRP Ledger, we are a carbon neutral and environmentally considerate solution to excess both in the digital universe and the tactile facsimile in which we live.

Meet The Reaper Founders

Patrick L. Riley

Founder / CEO

A 15-year Combat Medic Veteran, Patrick has a proven track record of service, commitment and leadership. As a Platoon Sergeant and Non-Commissioned Officer-in-Charge Patrick has led large-scale, joint task force, multi-disciplinary operations. He has worked and negotiated with high level foreign governments officials concerning their nation’s healthcare and defensive capabilities. His breadth of knowledge and experience gives him a unique vision to lead The Reaper.

Master of Forensic Psychology – Argosy University ’18
Master of Business Administration – Syracuse University ’22

Founder  / CMO

Steven is a United States Army Corps of Engineers Veteran with 12 years of experience in sales, domestic/international construction and electrical engineering, while  simultaneously building multinational connections. While in service Steven partook in joint military operations both in the United States and South-East Asia. He is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record. His work ethic, flexibility, drive for success and magnetic personality make him a great fit for The Reaper team.

Steven Sheldon

Jason Cooper

Founder / CTO

Jason has 15 years of experience in web development, web design, and online marketing. He has built and launched various successful online services with a focus on the financial sector. His wide breadth of knowledge in coding languages, marketing, business, and strategic partnership development gives him a unique edge making him a perfect fit to develop The Reaper. 

Reaper Executives

Chief Financial Officer

Sam Wagner is the CEO/CTO and Owner of a successful commercial credit repair company. Sam has over 20 years of experience in consumer and business credit analysis in the financial services industry. Sam worked as a Regional Marketing Director for Global Equity Lending and Oakstreet Mortgage for a combined decade. Sam has experience as a licensed business insurance and securities manager. He has an advanced understanding of algorithms and pattern recognition. Mr. Wagner’s experience in all facets of business finance, insurance, banking and risk management make him and ideal candidate to the be Chief Financial Officer of Reaper Financial.

Sam Wagner

Reaper Board of Advisors

Chairman – Reaper Board of Advisors

Shawn is the sitting Chief Information Officer of the State of North Dakota, appointed by Governor Doug Burgum. Shawn previously served in leadership positions for Mayo Clinic and IBM. His career has included massive change and transformation initiatives spanning multi-billion-dollar organizations in roles as Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Information Management Officer. He has a passion for IOT and is working on space-age technological developments for his State. Shawn is always looking to connect with others who have a “we can change the world” attitude as he strives to be a servant leader, improve lives, empower people, and inspire success.

CIO, formerly CEO, CTO, IMO

Shawn Riley

Dorman Bazzell

Board of Advisors

Dorman is the Principal Consultant of North American Data-Strategy for Capgemini and former Chief Data Officer for the State of North Dakota. His primary professional focus is integration of sustainability into consumer products and telecom industries. Dorman is also a writer and regularly invited to speak as an expert on Data Analytics, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence. He has been featured in articles on Forbes, RTInsights, and The Brookings Institute.  Dorman is committed to the betterment of humanity through the application of his knowledge and experience.

Current Principle Capgemini, formerly CIO of CoinAcceptors, Vice president of Data Analytics for Hitachi, and Chief Data Officer, State of North Dakota

Board Member

Fadi Fadhil serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Palo Alto Networks, the top Cybersecurity Company in the World. Educated at the Baghdad University of Technology, Fadi narrowly evaded execution for refusing allegiance to Dictator Saddam Hussein; choosing then to serve alongside American Forces as an interpreter. After receiving a visa to the United States, he was selected to attend MIT’s executive program for development of Leading-Edge Operations Strategy in 2014. Fadi now holds over a dozen internationally accredited certifications in IT leadership and IT Service Management. Fadi formerly served as CIO for the city of Minneapolis, CIO for Minneapolis Public Schools, and spent more than 20 years in K-12 Education with various other cybersecurity roles supporting a network of thirty-five thousand students.

Master of Science in Computer Networking – University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq, 2004
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering – University of Technology, Baghdad Iraq, 2002
MIT’s Executive Program, Developing a Leading-Edge Operations Strategy, 2014

Fadi Fadhil

Mary Lou Prevost

Board Member

Mary Lou Prevost is an organizational transformation agent and visionary leader.  She has an entrepreneurial spirit being brought in to establish new government & education focused verticals at multiple companies.  She is currently Vice President of Splunk’s State, Local Government and Education business group for the United States.  Splunk is the leader in the SIEM market with an extensible data platform powering unified security and full stack observability.   She is no stranger to Cyber Security industry previously serving as Area Vice President for Palo Alto Networks and Vice President for CA’s public sector network security business including identity and API management.  She brings a unique blend of tech acumen and government experience.

Marketing Team

Deputy Marketing Officer

Ian is an accomplished leader with extensive international experience in directing sales, marketing operations, developing integrated sales/marketing/rewards and strategies within a fast-growing Business-to-Business market environment. Ian is globally mature being originally from Tasmania and now living in the UK. He has lived and worked in 8 countries where he applied his skills in building teams and implementing alternate currencies within business communities. Ian’s enthusiasm for business and his depth of experience will be a great asset to The Reaper.

Ian Jones

Elora Lyons

Marketing Associate / Digital Strategist

Elora is a professional transcriber, editor, and published writer. She has experience in sales, law, and marketing.  A native Texan through and through, she’s now on her second stint in the Midwest. Her diverse professional background brings a fresh take on marketing strategies, along with a passionate work ethic. In addition to her creative skills she brings a penchant for organization, coordination, and a detail-oriented mindset to the Reaper team.

Marketing Associate / Lead Writer

Brian is a published writer based in the Midwest with a passion for devoting his free time to his creative pursuits.  With formal education in both psychology and photography he brings an analytical and creative approach to writing and digital marketing.  After diving into the crypto market two years ago Brian looks to bring his knowledge and creative experiences to the Reaper team.

Brian R.  Johnson

Sivmorn Hei

Marketing Associate

Sivmorn is a community leader driven by her passion to help others. She joins the team with a background in business and customer service. She is very competitive by nature and was a Gold Medalist Skills-USA competitor. She has a multidisciplinary knowledge in science, technology and digital art. Her diverse background will assist in bringing The Reaper into the global market.  She graduated from Los Angeles City College with an Associate of Science in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Associate of Liberal Arts.