The Reaper Brings Balance To The Blockchain

We reap what others sow.

The blockchain ecosystem has been out of balance since it’s inception. New projects and coins are born into the market, but rarely do they die. Death brings value to life.

The Reaper

"The Reaper maximizes market value by reaping supply and creating demand"

The Reaper Road Map

The road map below is an estimated timeline for the development of The Reaper’s future plans. It is subject to change at any time if The Reaper team determines it necessary.

December 2021
Initial Announcement
  • White Paper Release
  • Road Map Release
  • Initial Website & SM Released
  • XUMM Trustline
  • Team Bios Doxed
  • 70,000,000 RPR Token Airdrop
2022: First Half
1st Reaping
  • Proof of Concept
  • Technical Analysis of Impact
  • Published Receipts
Website Improvement
  • XUMM API Integration
  • Security Audit
  • Voting Mechanisms Integrated
  • KYC Protocol Host Server Online
Tokenomics Releases
  • Technical Breakdown
  • Strategy Guide
V-C / Angel / Seed

Venture capital funding round in Austin, Texas.

2022: Second Half
Marketing & Reach
  • Exchange Listings
  • Coin Market Cap Listing
  • Marketing Push
Employee On-boarding
  • Developers
  • Accounting
  • Legal Team
Storyline Development

Reaper's backstory will be caricaturized to integrate into NFTs.

NFT Development

1 NFT specific to each Coin or Token that has been reaped. NFTs will be auctioned periodically on Marketplace.

Defi Implementation

Adding defi elements to RPR. This is currently on the drawing board but we would like to add staking rewards and possibly the ability to "loan" out your voting power in a voting pool.

Expanding Voting

Number of reaping targets will increase relative to the price of RPR at the time of the vote snapshot.


Although the initially voting options will be controlled, Reaper Financial LLC will relinquish more and more control as the RPR ecosystem evolves and grows.

Reaping Adjustment

Reaper will transition from Monthly Reaping to Weekly Reaping once viable.